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    5 Ways a Finance Degree Can Change Your Life

    Despite all the recent talk about the economy slowing down, a degree in finance is the top bachelor’s degree in demand this year.[1]

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    Are Uni Grads Ready For The Job Market? |

    Increasingly, employers are of the idea that many college graduates are not ready for the job market. This unflattering perception encompasses beneficiaries of online education as well as graduates of traditional classroom-based colleges. This problem is compounded by the fact that the job market has not fully recovered, and college graduates are finding it difficult to land their first jobs.

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    Why Going To College In Today's Economy Is A Smart Idea

    In today’s world where change is fast paced, enrolling for a degree program can help you remain at par with new developments. It does not matter whether it is your first or second degree; the key thing is to improve yourself continuously. If you have doubts about your decision to return to school, consider the following reasons to help you make up your mind.

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    Hardcover books and online learning

    Online learning has affected different aspects of what is considered conventional learning, and among the most affected is the use of hardcover books. Previously used references such as hardcover books are slowly being replaced by other digital media in online classes. Though their content is still helpful, other resources are more readily available and accepted by professors, and often offer more up-to-date information. For these reasons, they are preferred by most students taking online classes.

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    5 benefits of having a Finance degree

    Having a finance degree is like having gold in the form of paper. Finance degrees can open the door to an exceptionally lucrative career in many different industries. Crunching numbers is what makes the world go round and every business benefits from having good sound financial advice from an accountant or bookkeeper. If you're thinking about pursuing financing as a career and you're looking to get a finance degree, but you haven't fully decided, you should consider these five benefits of pursuing a career in finance.

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    Time Management Is The Key To Success In College

    Online classes are a busy student's dream, but this dream can quickly twist into a nightmare for those who do not create a time management strategy.

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    Why Today's Employer Is Expecting A Well Qualified Student

    Online education can help you master many of the skills and coursework necessary to meet any employer's requirements. For those who need to return to school, whether to pursue a new career or to obtain additional, more up to date knowledge, taking courses online is a flexible, easy solution.

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    Online Accredited Broadcasting Degree - What it Takes To Get One

    Do you want to be the next Piers Morgan, Richard Quest, or even David Gregory? If yes, you ought to consider taking an online accredited broadcasting degree. Broadcasting is a branch of mass communication with majors in news reporting in both television and radio.

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    Top 6 Careers For Those Who Wish To Change Their Careers

    For those who wish to change careers, online education offers a unique opportunity for taking up new courses. This can be a good investment because there are some careers that are currently underrepresented in the job market. A few years ago, Manpower revealed that about an fifth of U.S employers were finding it difficult to fill certain positions in their businesses. They even projected that the figure was likely to rise as the economy recovered. The problem is compounded by the fact that many employees are dissatisfied by their current careers. This problem provides an opportunity for those who wish to switch their careers because they can feel these positions. For those who wish to switch careers, below is a description of the top 6 jobs that are very much in demand now.

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    The Top 5 Hottest Careers for 2013

    Considering a return to school for a career change in 2013? Be prepared to get hands on in the New Year, since the five jobs with highest projected rate of growth in the next decade are in healthcare, engineering, and construction. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, these 5 jobs top the list of ‘Fastest Growing Occupations’ as predicted for 2010-2020:

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    Back to School for Science High Tech Options

    Many of the degree programs offered in the ‘hard sciences’ are popular now because of what students see as a high ‘return on investment’. Among all of the degree program options available to today’s students, some types of science degrees are unique in offering a potential for high income and rewarding work on the vanguard of certain high-profile industries.

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    Tips for Changing Jobs After 40

    For various reasons, many people find themselves entrenched in careers they do not like. This becomes even harder when people reach middle age, but this doesn't always have to be the case. It is still possible to change careers at this age, and it can even be ideal because of the experience gathered from the previous career. However, those who wish to make such a change must make preparations to succeed in their new careers. Some of the tips that can help career changers include:

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    5 steps to find the right degree for you

    When you’re choosing a degree, it can be a very difficult decision. There are so many degree programs to choose from which can make the choice feel somewhat overwhelming. The degree program you choose will determine the path you take career wise, and have ripple effects in other aspects of your life. You want to ensure that you choose a program that is right for you. While staying undecided is okay (and possibly even smart) for a little while during your college career, it can eventually lead to prolonged time in school and extra tuition costs. There are 5 steps you can use to make choosing the right degree program easier for you.

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    Furthering your education

    Life comes with many choices and crossroads that can bring us down a variety of different paths. After high school, when we meet these crossroads, one of the most important choices a student can make is the choice to further their education. This choice is not only a wise one for high school graduates, but for people of all ages. There are many reasons why furthering your education is an important and smart choice for all.

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    5 Ways To Use Online Tools To Enhance Your Education

    While a student is attending a higher education program, their schedules can sometimes become difficult and overwhelming. With so many different classes to attend, material to absorb and projects to stay on track of, students need to take advantage of every tool that is available to help with their educational success. Luckily, the Internet is filled with many useful tools that a student can use to their benefit in a variety of different ways.