5 Ways To Use Online Tools To Enhance Your Education

While a student is attending a higher education program, their schedules can sometimes become difficult and overwhelming. With so many different classes to attend, material to absorb and projects to stay on track of, students need to take advantage of every tool that is available to help with their educational success. Luckily, the Internet is filled with many useful tools that a student can use to their benefit in a variety of different ways.

Use time management tools - One of the best tools available to students is online time management tools. These programs can be located by doing a simple Internet search and are available free of charge. These tools include program such as; Remember The Milk; which allows you to manage your tasks both online and through other smart devices. Time management is key to a students success. Although a student may keep a planner filled with due dates and other important information, managing time is the only way to keep on track of projects and tests, without falling behind in the classroom. Online time management tools not only allow students to enter due dates and other important information, but they offer great day-to-day tips that students can use in their everyday life.

Sign up for online file storage - There is nothing worse than a student completing a project and having their computer crash or losing their zip drive. The Internet provides several different programs that allow students to upload and store their completed projects. One of the most popular programs is Evernote, which allows students to capture and keep any type of file, including pictures. The difference with this type of storage is that it can be accessed from any computer and cannot be lost. These online programs allow for a large amount of date to be stored, allowing students to keep all their work conveniently organized and readily available.

Create an online planner - One drawback of having a paper planner is the chance of losing it, or creating a disorganized mess that will only cause frustration. An online planner is a great tool for students because it allows them to keep their to do lists organized, allows for easy editing and can be accessed from any computer. Another plus- online planners cannot be lost, so a student can have peace of mind in knowing that their to do list is safe online. A fun online planner for students is called Stickies and is great for those who enjoy visual reminders on their computer screen.

Use plagiarism checkers - A sure way to have a paper graded with a big F is by having it marked for plagiarism. There are a variety of online tools, some paid and some free, that allow a student to paste their finished project and have the entire piece checked for plagiarism. While a student may not intend on plagiarism, a phase can be too close to that found in one a source used by the student. By using a plagiarism tool this can be avoided at all times.

Use a source formatting tool - When citing sources for a paper, the many ways to cite different types of sources can become overwhelming and confusing. An online source formatting tool allows a student to enter the information from each of their sources and have this information correctly formatted. The tool often places all sources alphabetically, making the process much easier on a student. The most popular source-formatting tool is available from Owl at Purdue. It offers both APA and MLA citation programs, along with useful tips.

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