Hardcover books and online learning

Online learning has affected different aspects of what is considered conventional learning, and among the most affected is the use of hardcover books. Previously used references such as hardcover books are slowly being replaced by other digital media in online classes. Though their content is still helpful, other resources are more readily available and accepted by professors, and often offer more up-to-date information. For these reasons, they are preferred by most students taking online classes.

One of the most popular resources used by online students is a Wiki. A Wiki is a simple website which allows for easy creation and management of content by a specified group of people. Wikis offer several advantages to online students as a learning resource. The most prominent being its feature that allows the linking of pages which have related content. This way, all the course material can be linked together, allowing for easier learning for students.

Students taking an online course can also use link sharing tools to collect all of their learning resources in one location. These tools can be used to capture, organize, save and share website links. Students use these tools to save links to websites and create a repository of all relevant links for a certain subject. By carefully updating and editing these links, highly detailed course content can be created without the need for hardcover books.

Most students taking online classes are also adopting the use of e-books as an alternative to the use of hardcover books. With the recent changes in technology and availability of gadgets such as the kindle and the iPad, most publishers and authors are offering digital versions of their hardcover books. E-books offer the same content as their counterpart hardcover versions but offer added advantages such as portability hence their popularity among students.

Taking an online course also offers added learning resources to the students inform of video tutorials. Video tutorials can be recorded by the student as lectures go on while some instructors may offer recorded videos of their lessons to students as a learning resource. Videos offer an enhanced learning experience to the students since most students can watch videos for a longer time than they can read. Hardcover books are becoming research material of the past. As online degrees gain popularity, the tendency towards non-traditional sources are becoming more commonplace. The way we earn degrees is changing, and the resources we use to earn them are changing as well-- allowing the more recent, relevant information to guide our degrees.

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