Top 6 Careers For Those Who Wish To Change Their Careers

For those who wish to change careers, online education offers a unique opportunity for taking up new courses. This can be a good investment because there are some careers that are currently underrepresented in the job market. A few years ago, Manpower revealed that about an fifth of U.S employers were finding it difficult to fill certain positions in their businesses. They even projected that the figure was likely to rise as the economy recovered. The problem is compounded by the fact that many employees are dissatisfied by their current careers. This problem provides an opportunity for those who wish to switch their careers because they can feel these positions. For those who wish to switch careers, below is a description of the top 6 jobs that are very much in demand now.

1. Biomedical Engineers

This is one of the fastest growing careers for the decade ending 2018. This job requires at least a bachelor's degree in biomedical, electronics or mechanical engineering. Between the years 2008 and 2018, this job market is projected to be boosted by approximately 11,600 new jobs. Biomedical engineers can expect to work in the health care industry, law, finance, consulting or in the pharmaceuticals industry. Those who are interested in studying biomedical engineering can take up some courses online or opt for the traditional classroom-based degrees.

2. Interpreters and Translators

Interpretation and translation is not something people think about every day, but it can be very lucrative as a career. For those who have a flair for languages, fluency in a couple of languages or more can easily be turned into a money minting career. Apart from aptitude for foreign languages, employers are also looking for those with at least bachelor's degrees in the applicable languages. Those who are interested in switching to this career can prepare themselves by taking appropriate e-learning courses. For the decade ending 2020, the job growth in this industry is projected to be around 42%.

3. Registered Nurse

Nursing is one occupation that has traditionally attracted many people, but the demand for nurses seems to be growing faster than the supply. With a median salary of $65,570, career switchers will love this job because nursing careers are available to mosts people regardless of age. However, the caveat is that one has to be physically fit because the day to day nursing duties are overwhelmingly physical. One can easily get into this industry with a bachelor's degree in nursing.

4. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

The beauty of this career is that it is found in almost all industries. Their jobs are to monitor and forecast sales trends in their respective industries. They also become involved with collection and analysis of market data. A bachelor's degree is a typical requirement in this field, but most people in this career have advanced degrees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates job openings in the range of 116,600 for the decade ending 2020.

5. Web Developer

Even when job seekers were decrying the rising levels of unemployment, web developers were not find it so rough to find jobs. Those who wish to switch to this career, however, should have passion for it if they are to benefit from their formal training. This is one of the few jobs that have median salaries nearing the $100,000 mark.

6. Pest Control Workers

This is another occupation that does not jump into many people's minds when thinking of new careers. The reality, however, is that getting a job as a pest control worker is not going to be very difficult for the 2010-2020 decade. Some industry insiders are speculating that the 26% job growth will mainly be pushed by demand for these workers in the South.


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