Online Accounting Degrees

In 2014, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) conducted a survey of companies to see what they were looking for in the next generation of college graduates to enter the workforce. Nearly 69% of the respondents said they were looking for someone with some kind of business education, and of that total, 59% wanted accounting majors.

This shouldn’t be surprising. As businesses have grown and become more complex over the decades, people with financial accounting skill sets have become absolutely critical to maintaining and improving the complex economic forces operating behind 21st century business. Online accounting degrees are just one more way that this challenging, fast-paced discipline has been modernized to meet the demands of a new century. Rather than commit to a fixed, geographical location, perhaps requiring a move to another city or state, paying tuition for administrative, campus and other support facilities you may not need, and attending classes during the busi-ness day five days out of the week, online accounting degrees streamline the entire process with dis-tance-learning, allowing students to learn at their own pace, and more importantly, on their own time.

What Is Accounting?

Accounting, at its root, is about the collecting, recording and analysis of financial information for any given group or organization. Essentially, accountants keep track of the financial activities of a company and are aware of the overall “financial health” of the organization. Without the knowledge of how, where and why finan-cial transactions are occurring that is provided by accountants, decision makers are unable to make informed choices about future courses of action. In many ways, the accountant is one of the most important staff mem-bers of any organization for keeping track of the “big picture” for a company’s fortunes.

Who Is An Accounting Degree For?

Anyone with an interest in business will benefit greatly from the fundamentals offered by online accounting de-grees. Accounting is the pillar on which the rest of business and finance rests. Online accounting degrees are best suited to detail-oriented, independently motivated students with a grasp for the intricate, complex struc-tures of business and finance. Even established business people can benefit from becoming more familiar with the financial activities and practices that are taught in accounting, giving people a much better sense of under-standing—and control—over the financial activities of a company.

People who are comfortable with numbers, can work under the pressure of deadlines, and work well in team situations are ideal candidates for online accounting degrees. Being able to process large amounts of infor-mation and familiarize yourself with complex, evolving systems will also be valuable assets. This is a challeng-ing field of study, and will continue to be in demand in the future.