Information Technology Certificate

Information Technology, also known as IT, is a diverse field that uses technology to process and manage information. More specifically, IT professionals ensure safe storage and protection of information on computers and within network systems. IT professionals with specialized skillsets are needed in greater demand as the global community relies more and more on computers and networks within society. Organizations employ IT professionals to sustain information processing systems as well as establish new systems. Information technologist’s careers can be sought in government, service industries, and business, with jobs such as database developers, interface designers, network administrators, web masters and graphic designers.

While no different than any other career field, employers like to see highly educated, skilled, and professional employees working for their organizations. The computer science and IT fields provide a number of ways to get the hands on education and training that hiring agents seek. Although many organizations prefer to hire IT professionals with a bachelor's or master's degree, a highly competent graduate of an associate's degree program is also a competitive candidate for an IT and computer science job opportunity because the field is so specialized.