Online Psychology Degrees

Psychology is one of the most interesting fields of study to engage in, especially for those with an interest in people and their social interactions. Psychology is also one of the disciplines—like many arts related studies—that can offer students the full benefits of course study even while studying online, as most critical components of the degree are theory and lecture that can that translate well to a distance-learning environment. While much of psychology may not require the same emphasis on clearly defined, structured systems, like math or engineering, the field offers many valuable insights into both personal and social behavior with broad, beneficial applications.

What Is Psychology

Psychology is the study of the human mind; the processes, systems and mechanisms that people have developed and used to cope with the various situations encountered in life. As a result, psychology itself is considered primarily a social science, focused on the observation of human behavior and ways to advance, evolve or correct that behavior according to the field of study. Psychology can play important roles in the justice system, such as criminal psychologists or profilers, but can also be vital in child development, or simply help people to discover new coping tools in difficult situations, a role clinical psychologists have been playing with their own patients for years. Whether it is trying to establish a safe, productive environment of interaction in the workplace, or understanding the nature and treatment of mental illness, psychology plays an important part of emotional and cognitive well-being of society.

Pursuing A Degree

As with some other fields of study, the bachelor degree in Psychology is a foundation that can often lead to more advanced studies. Students can choose either an arts or science degree in this field, with the arts degree branching off to more social/arts related areas, while the science degree stream is better suited to those with an interest in mathematics, research, experimentation and data collection. Students should take the time to identify where their specific field of interest lies, and, just as importantly, think about whether the BA or BS is the end goal itself, or whether it will lead to graduate level studies. A clinical psychologist, for example, will require a doctoral level degree, meaning many years of schooling at the graduate level before being allowed to practice professionally. A social worker, on the other hand, will require a Masters degree which only demands a few more years after attaining a Bachelor, while other careers, such as Art Therapist or Market Research Analyst may only require a BA or BS to start their career track.

A psychology degree has many indirect benefits for other careers, ranging from Writer to Manager or Executive. An understanding of human behavior has a huge range of useful applications in everyday life, it’s simply a matter of finding a field of interest in psychology and discovering a way to apply that knowledge to a suitable task.